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What they do

On August 7, 1914, the Beni Hassan Shrine Temple #64 was chartered in the city of Seattle, Washington.  Since that time, the Beni Hassan Shrine Temple has gone on to operate as a fraternal, benevolent, and charitable organization.  Its membership is dedicated to the principle of fostering civic, economic, and educational development programs in the Seattle area.


The essence of the Shriners is the fraternal good fellowship for which it was originally founded.  It has been said that there are no strangers in Shrinedom.  Evidence of this is in the Shrine members who have come together from all walks of life and formed a common bond.  It is a bond that encourages each member to actively participate in group endeavors to achieve our organizational goals and, in turn, create lifelong friendships.


To students in higher learning as well as to children and families in need, the Shriners are seen as the men who extended a helping hand in time of trouble and need.  To himself, each member believes it is his job to do what he can as an individual to make this old world a better place for all to live.

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Community Service

Shriners are deeply and justly proud of their long history of devotion to community and charitable efforts, some of which include contributions for:


  • Medical Research

  • Heart Donor Funds

  • Scholarship Grants

  • National Scholarship Beauty Pageant

  • Financial Assistance to Youth Programs

  • Children’s Christmas Party

  • Christmas Food Baskets for Deprived Families and Senior Citizens


Pledge of the Nobility

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, as citizens, to conduct ourselves with due propriety, conforming to our established laws, in cooperation with our nation and its authorized officials.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to maintain exacting high standards in our respective community life, that "DEMOCRACY" may become a living reality.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to the promotion, along with other thoughtful citizens, of modern and practical legislation enacted by any government agency, that will redound to the benefit of our "AMERICAN" way of life.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to support duly constituted authority for the elimination of anti-social conditions, wherever found to exist, that we and all other people may enjoy a rich, round and full life.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to morally support and encourage every social agency, that has for its purpose the maintenance of the highest ideals of the people of the nation.

WE PLEDGE OURSELVES, to cooperate fully in disseminating "TRUTH", among the people of the earth, to the end that "DEMOCRACY" shall prevail forever, and the peace of every nation be preserved.

More Programs

   The Fraternal Order has fostered the following programs:

  • Annual grants of thousands of dollars to the Prince Hall Shrine Health and Medical Research Foundation.

  • Annual grants to several institutions of higher learning and to hospitals throughout the United States for Medical research.

  • A National Scholarship Grand Program for young ladies between the ages of 17-24 to attend college and universities of their choice,

  • Annual Educational Grants for economically deprived youths.

  • A program of financial aid to youth in their fight against drugs, crimes, and delinquency.

  • Annual grants to the N.A.A.C.P., the Legal Defense Fund, and the United Negro College Fund.

  • Support summer camps for youth,

  • Voter education and registration drives.

  • Establishment of and maintaining dialogue with White House officials, Congress men, and national leaders on various issues affecting African-Americans and others

"Be always ready to give an answer to those that ask you a question; give the right hand of affection and fellowship to whom it justly belongs, let their color and complexion be what it will; let their nation be what it may, for they are your brethren and it is your indispensable duty to do so."  



Contact Us:

Po Box 5777

Lynnwood, Wa 98046-5777

- Prince Hall

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Registered with the Washington Secretary of State as required by law. Registration Number #1100432 Tax ID #23-7536502

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