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Who are we?

We are the children that you have supported. We are the adults that you helped succeed. Paying it forward.

Youth Event Services, comprised of Brandon Hansen, Tina Williams, and Dylan Crochiere, is a small group of individuals that raise funding for local nonprofits, as well as host benefit shows for underprivileged children throughout Washington state. Each one of us has had a childhood that we can relate to these children with, be it long-term abuse, homelessness and poverty, or life-threatening illness. Our number one goal had always been and will always be doing the right thing for the right reasons, and we are more than humbled knowing that none of it could even exist without you, the amazing souls around the state that contribute and make these campaigns and events possible. With your help, we will continue our journey of putting a smile on these children’s faces and saving lives with our devoted sponsors. Sincerely, thank you Washington.

What do we "do?"

We do the ground work. Everything from making the calls, to setting up the events, and everything in between.

To name a few:

  • Tele-fundraising - Previous & Future supporters

  • Mailings - Printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, shipping, & emailing

  • Payment processing - cards, checks, cash. banking, & quickbooks

  • Database Management - Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, & coding (HTML/Macro)

  • Business Advertisement - Show brochures, website listing, & quarterly newsletters

  • Marketing Research - Facebook, SEO, & newsletters

  • Graphic Design - Website, Invoices, Brochures, Facebook, & Email

  • Employee Recruitment - Proper sales training, selective nationwide hiring process, & upholding group moral standards

  • Event Processing - Ticket distribution (organizations/families), hiring entertainment, & scheduling venues

How can you help?

However you want. We look at things very simply. It's your money, do what you want with it.

When anyone lends a hand, it’s on their terms; the amount, how they contribute, everything. Every cent matters, whether you’re putting a smile on a child’s face or a meal on someone’s table, so do whatever you’re comfortable with and we’ll do the rest! If you’re interested in making a difference, you can learn more through any of our sponsors’ pages below or by contacting us directly.

Our amazing sponsors:

Our Sponsors
The Show

From those in the community:

"A really amazing group of people whom create a great energetic and positive work place environment. Fair, honest, and hard working attributes would accurately depict this company and I personally would highly recommend not only for people looking for work to seek out employment from this company, but just as well for businesses to seek out sponsoring and/or individuals to seek out contributing donations to their fantastic, selfless cause."

—  Hannah Elisabeth Butler

From organizations:

"The Beni Hassan Shrine Temple #64 has generously offered our riders and their families free tickets to their upcoming variety show, The Wonderful World of Magic, June 12! The free tickets are available in the family waiting area; each family just needs one ticket to be admitted. Thank you so much to our local Shriners for offering this opportunity to our community!"

—  Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center

Some of our awesome supporters:

YES BANNER (Large).jpg

Youth Event Services Inc. is a local company that operates independently

in Washington State. We raise funds exclusively for local non-profit organizations and host quarterly interactive events specifically for unfortunate children.


Contact Us:

5221 144th St E #20

Tacoma, WA 98446

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