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Steve the

Pretty Good

The Steve the Pretty Good (Steve Hamilton) show takes the classics of magic and gives them a unique and funny twist and then transforms his audience into hilarious magical assistants. Does someone get sawed in half? You bet. Can he make some one float? Absolutely. Will people be amazed and laugh, a lot? No doubt about it.

Presenting comedy magic that is always fresh, original, clean and hilarious! The venue can be a theater stage, gym floor, in a banquet room or on the fairgrounds, we tailor the show to be a perfect fit for you and the audience.

Performances include:

Alaska State fair, California Fairs: L A County, Porterville, Salinas Valley Indiana; Porter County Maryland; Harford Co. North Carolina: Columbus Co. Oregon Fairs; Jackson, Coos, Washington, Dechutes, Benton, Washington Fairs; Western Washington Fair (Puyallup), Grays, Harbor, Key Peninsula, Benton-Franklin, Kittitas, Northwest Washington (Lynden), Okanogan, Columbia, Evergreen State Fair, Clallum, Pacific, Island Co. Canada; Capital EX China; Kim Tom Festival, Shanghai…

Steve the Pretty Good

Steve the Pretty Good

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